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PCC Design vs. Institutional Design

Reasons to maintain a common look and feel to high level "institutional" pages on the PCC web site:

1. Visitors will be able to navigate easily, always finding navigation information in the same manner throughout the site. Visitors will not have to relearn where the "buttons" are or how they work for each page.

2. Consistency of look and navigation will help visitors will feel comfortable. The common design will help the visitor know they are still in the PCC site and have not jumped out to a remote web site. Each page will have a common feature to return the visitor to the home page, helping them feel free to browse without getting lost.

3. The Media Center will be responsible for maintaining accessibility and browser compatibility on the template pages.

4. A professional look will instill confidence in the content and institution.

5. Pages designed professionally with templates and databases are easier to update and maintain.

For a detailed description chart of how this applies through out the PCC organization, download this PDF.This information is in PDF form.


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