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1 Column Template

2 Column Template

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The templates satisfy all of the requirements found in the Pasadena City College Web Publishing Guidelines.

  • All templates are only applicable to Dreamweaver MX (6.0) or higher.

  • The templates meet U.S. Section 508 Guidelines for accessibility.

  • The templates use a "liquid" design. This allows the page to expand and contract to take full advantage of the width of the browser window and avoid having to side-scroll in narrow windows. We use percentages instead of pixels in measuring the layout.

  • The editable areas at the templates include:
    • Top banner - to put your personal banner which has to be 100 pixels in height and a mazimum of 750 pixels in width
    • MainTitle - which will include either your name or the department's name. This is the overall title of your website.
    • Section-title - this will be the title of a section of your website
    • Content1 - where you will put the main content of your website
    • *Content2 - if there are any other contents you need to add.
    • *Nav - where the navigation of the website will be put using either the libraries or includes.
    • *Content 3 under nav - you can put special notes, pictures or links
  • * not contained in one and three column templates

  • The stylesheet has comments in the file to help understand what each section of code affects on the web page.

  • All of the images and stylesheets that are referenced by the templates are in their final destinations on the web server and will not be moving.


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