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Summer Term Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Term 2013
When are the Summer Term registration dates?
Special Population will register Thursday, May 23.
Continuing students will be able to register on Tuesday, May 28.
New students will register Thursday, June 6.
Concurrent enrollment (High School students) will register Tuesday, June 11.

How do I apply for summer 2013?
Applications are submitted online at

What courses are offered in summer term 2013?
The summer 2013 class schedule is posted at

How much does it cost to attend PCC?
Fees are posted online at

Do I need to purchase a Summer Term parking pass?
Yes. Students wanting to park in student lots during the Summer Term can either purchase a term parking pass, or purchase a daily pass for $2. Go to for more information.

Do I need to fill out a special Financial Aid form for Summer Term aid?
Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Please email with your questions.

Is the ITAP Metro/Foothill pass available for Summer Term?
The ITAP is only available for Fall and Spring Terms.

How do I register for classes for Summer Term 2013?
  1. Activate Your Account: All students must activate their new LancerPoint account at before they can register for classes. The following information will help you with activation:
    LancerPoint Username:
    LancerPoint ID Number:
    Last Name:
    First Name:
  2. Register Online: After activating your account, review your student information and registration assignment:
    a) Login to LancerPoint by selecting the #2 button at
    b) Select the Student tab
    c) Select Registration
    d) Select Registration Status
    e) Return to on your designated registration date and time (or anytime afterward)

    Create a tentative class schedule and check for course prerequisites to make sure you have satisfied the requirements (please go to Advisement in L104 to clear prerequisites prior to registration).
  3. Pay Your Fees: For fee information please visit

What information do I need to activate my LancerPoint account?
You would need your first and last name as it appears in our system and the eight-digit number on your student identification card. This information was sent to you in a previous email.

What if I dont remember my ID number or how my name appears in the system?
You would need to come in person to PCC Admission and Records (L113) in person with a photo ID to retrieve this information.

Do I need to pay my fees in full at the time I register for classes?
The business process for students paying fees is changing in LancerPoint. Students will have to pay at least a partial payment of registration fees by Friday 11:59 p.m. of the week they register or they will dropped from all classes.

Fees must be paid in full by June 21 or classes will be dropped.

Are there any major changes to the summer schedule of classes that I should be aware of?
The class numbers have changed. In LancerPoint, all class names are no more than four letters, and class numbers must be at least three digits. For example:

English 1A is now listed as Engl 001A
Chinese 3 is now Chin 003

Class content has not changed, just the class names and numbers.

Have additional questions? Please send them to