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Transfer Center

instructions for using Transfer Chat

Welcome to Transfer Chat at

1. If this is your first time visiting the Web Board click on the Sign up link and become a member.

scren shot of web boards login page

2. You will need to sign in and pick your password to access the Transfer Chat Web Board. It is ok to use your current logins and passwords. The boards' page will have a list of available boards, choose Transfer Advisement.

screen shot of the conferences window

3. The Transfer Advisement page hosts the Transfer Talk board under the conference section. Click on the Transfer Chat link and you can access the topics section. Under the heading subject click on a link to view topics.

screen shot of the topics window

4. Under the topic section you will find the authors and posted messages. To join in the chat click on the button Transfer Chat.

screen shot of two windows that show you the activity on the chat page

5. A pop-up window will open to allow you to instant message with any connected members or to leave a post for the group. The window contains three sub-windows. The upper left hand window contains the messages sent to the chat room. The upper right hand window shows connected members. The lower window is for text entry. When you want to add messages to the chat type them here and press send.

screen shot of chat window showing the messages, connected members and text entry