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General Education

General Education courses are required of everyone, regardless of major, to obtain a bachelor's degree.

If you plan to transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), you may: If you plan to transfer to a CSU, you may:

Students whose majors require more than 30 units should consult Counseling Services regarding the advisability of completing all major requirements instead of all general education requirements.

*Please note that certain students, however, will not be well served by IGETC, such as those intending to transver into a high-unit major or one that requires extensive lower division preparation, such as, but not limited to: engineering, architecture and the physical and natural sciences. Your counselor or University representative can advise you as to whether or not IGETC is the right program for you to follow.



The academic major is the area of specialization where a student concentrates a substantial portion of his or her academic work.

LOWER DIVISION MAJOR REQUIREMENTS are courses taught during the first or second year of college. Most majors require the completion of specific lower division courses before acceptance into the University. These courses should be completed at PCC prior to transferring. They provide background and preparation for the major and may fulfill some of the GE requirements.







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