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Pasadena City College Winter Intersession 2011

An Innovative Chican@ Studies Travel Program

¡Viva México Ca...!




The program consists of four class sessions at the PCC campus on January 11, 13, 18, and 20 followed by a three week program in Guadalajara with excursions to Michoacán and Mexico City:  Travel Dates—Sunday, January 23, 2011 through Sunday, February 13, 2011.

Pyramid guadalajara1 Waterfall

This exciting new program is the first of its kind at PCC linking two Chican@ Studies courses, Philosophy 31 and Psychology 31.  Students can earn 6 units total. Professor Enrique C. Orozco will teach Philosophy 31: Contemporary Chicano Philosophy and Professor Silvia T. Villanueva will teach Psychology 31: Studies in Chicano Behavior. All participants must enroll in both courses.

This program is unique as students have the opportunity to attend their PCC classes with their PCC instructors at the University of Guadalajara (CEPE) campus.  The interdisciplinary nature of the courses will allow students to make connections between the theoretical concepts of the readings and the real-life thoughts and behaviors of Chicano/as.  Tracing the influence of Mexican philosophy and behavior on Chicano/as will be a constant theme of the class. 

Students will have the chance to visit three different states in Mexico.  Highlights while in Guadalajara include a historic tour of downtown Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque and excursions to the Guachimontones Archaeological Site as well as to Lake Chapala.

In Michoacán students will visit Tzintzuntzan—a pre-Columbian historical site identifying it as “place of the hummingbirds,” Parque Nacional in Uruapan, Pátzcuaro—a “magical” place that has retained much of its indigenous and colonial character since the 1500s, and a full day excursion to the Mariposa Monarca—sanctuary of the Monarch butterflies. 

Finally, students will get acquainted with Mexico City and will have excursions to the Sun and Moon pyramids in Teotihuacán—the city “Where Men Become Gods”, the National Museum of Anthropology and History, and the shrine dedicated to the Virgin de Guadalupe.


Attend an information meeting:

October 14th: 12 noon C361 and 5pm C225

October 26th: 12 noon C217 and 5pm C217

November 16th: 12 noon C217 and 5pm C217

Contact Silvia T. Villanueva at 626-585-3240 or as well as the Study Abroad Office in C221

Use the links below to download the brochure and application:


Enrollment Instructions: Please download the Program Application and Student Recommendation Forms, and the Program Applicant Short Essay Form and return them to either Profesor Villanueva (C245 orC156-A) or bring them to the Study Abroad Office, C221.

Program Application/Reccommendation Forms:

Program Applicant Short Essay Form:

Financial Aid Information:

Once you are accepted into the program, you can register with and pay Tour Resources online.

Please sign into their website,, click on the right REGISTRATIONS AND PAYMENTS, and then on the next screen on the right, under NOT REGISTERED?, input the unique tour code ZPCMJAN2011.  


Faculty: Professor Silvia Toscano Villanueva (English Division)

los Dos

Dr. Enrique Cardoza Orozco (Social Sciences Division)

Los Dos







Philosophy 31: Contemporary Chicano Philosophy (3 units)
Psychology 31: Studies in Chicano Behavior (3 units)