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This document requires Adobe Acrobat Request for Proposals (RFP) form (.pdf)

Los Angeles is a great choice for campus-wide theme because many faculty are already exploring aspects of the city in their classrooms, studios, and labs.

  • geology students are surveying the LA River
  • political science students are studying city elections
  • English students are writing about LA communities
  • early childhood education students are tutoring in LA-area schools
  • art history students are visiting LA museums and galleries

Faculty in every academic discipline can participate, collaborate, and share their students' learning . You can do a short activity in one class period or devote the entire semester to the theme.

Theme-based Instruction

Theme-based instruction helps students tie subject areas together, to see the connective thread in learning. It also gives teachers a better grasp on how to decide what to teach. The result is a coherent curriculum. Anita Caref, Brooklyn College

If you are interested in using Los Angeles in one or more of your courses in Spring 2006 and you are unsure about how to begin, you may want to follow the outline below.

  1. Get Focused
    Begin with some reflection and freewriting.

    Think of an LA theme, issue, or problem that somehow relates to your course TMOs and your personal areas of interests and expertise.

    Think of key ideas/concepts that you want your students to grasp by the end of this assignment/project/semester: What do you want them to know?

    Think of skills, attitudes, and behaviors you want them to acquire: What do want them to be able to do?

    Think of personnel and resources you will need to make your LA-based activity or course successful.

  2. Start a Conversation
    Share your ideas with your colleagues. Has anyone taught that specific theme before? Is anyone interested in collaborating with you?

  3. Put It Together
    Flesh out the substance of your program by brainstorming. Generate sub-themes, readings, films, speakers, and/or field research that will lead to a product(s) -- research projects, oral presentations, exams, brochures, etc.

  4. Summarize Your Plan
    Use the suggested outline below to summarize your LA-based activity or course
  • A title for your course or activity
  • A brief description
  • Approximate length of the activity
  • Major learning activities
  • Assessment strategies
  • Key student learning outcomes

Field Trip Information


Examples and Info Links


  • Use the Instructional Trip/Transportation Request Form . This form requires Account Number and an "Estimated Cost to the District."

    Use of district vehicles has no charge back to your department, but an estimated cost has to be declared on the request form.

    Charter buses and rental vans will be charged back.

  • Use the following costs as official amounts to be noted in the Estimated Cost to the District space on the Instructional Trip/Transportation Request form. One of these costs should be entered on every Instructional Trip/Transportation Request form with the exception of private vehicle usage. Any other fees concerning your trip should be added as well as the amount for any vehicles. If you are aware in advance that your department can not afford some of these costs, please note that on your Instructional Trip/Transportation Request form.

  • Drivers:
    $16.00 per hour, per driver with a 4-hour minimum each

  • District Vehicles:
    12 passenger van - $100.00 per day, per vehicle
    25 passenger van - $150.00 per day
    Mini Van - $65.00 per day
    Stake Bed Truck - $75.00 per day
    F-250 Pick Up - $50.00 per day
    Ranger Pick Up - $25.00 per day

  • Rental Vehicles:
    15 Passenger Van - $100.00 per day, per vehicle
    Mini Van - $75.00 per day, per vehicle
    Mid size Automobile - $40.00 per day, per vehicle
    24 Foot Bobtail Truck - $90.00 per day + $0.20 per mile + $20.00 per day insurance

  • Charter (Coach) Buses:
    $330.00 for the first 5 hours, $58.00 per hour additional hour

  • Overnight Charter Buses:
    Requesting department is responsible for accommodations for bus driver(s).

  • Yellow School Bus:
    $19.00 per hour for the driver, $0.35 per mile, $75.00 flat fee.

If you have any questions, please call Peter Benson at the Transportation Office (7223) or Barbara Salmon (x7034).

(Excerpted from the Campus Bulletin notice 8/23/04 )

You can also contact Brock Klein (x3049) for a copy of The Teaching and Learning Center Field Trip Guidebook .

Instructional Resources

For Los Angeles-theme books and films, contact librarian Krista Goguen (x7832).