Students taking classes at the US-Mexican border

What's a Campus-Wide Theme?

Sculpture GardenIt’s a terrific opportunity for everyone – students, professors, staff, administrators, community members – to join together to learn together. For the spring 2006 semester, PCC has chosen What Drives LA: Work as its theme. We will explore the issues of work and careers in Los Angeles and the special characteristics that make it a major international city brimming with possibilities for the present and future.

During this semester, faculty will incorporate What Drives LA: Work in their coursework, so students will learn about career possibilities and the education and skills they need to succeed professionally.  They will read about L.A.; study the history, art, geography, architecture, literature, music, film, and politics of L.A.; and write about LA. Administrators, staff, and community members are invited and encouraged to join in classroom activities and campus events. The semester’s theme will culminate in a community celebration and exposition of its experiences with student shows, speakers, entertainment, and more.

A campus-wide theme encourages interdisciplinary instruction, active learning, collaboration, and collegiality. What Drives LA: Work will help students, faculty, administrators, and staff members make the connections between classroom and campus learning and the vibrant working world of Los Angeles that surrounds us