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The PCC marching band being down down the track by a girl dressed in a sequin costume.
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A group of cheerleaders posing. The row in the back are holding their pom poms above their head, and the row in the front are kneeling with one leg extended.
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The PCC soccer team practicing in a skirmish. A player watches his opponent kick the ball in mid air.
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The PCC soccer team in a practice skirmish. Three are in orange uniforms, dribbling the ball. An opponent, in a white uniform, fell the ground trying to steal the ball.
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The marching band in a line, facing forward with trumpets and french horns extended. The early morning sun is casting shadows and the grass looks dewy.
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The PCC football team coming out from the lockers, they are running towards the field. One of the players is taking the lead and carrying the football.
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The PCC women's basketball team. The PCC player is under the hoop extending her arm to shoot the basketball into the hoop. The opponent is close on her.
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The PCC track team running down the track with their opponents towards the finish line. One of them tears throw the finish ribbon to beat PCC.
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The PCC cheer squad standing on the track. A group has thrown a cheerleader into the air and are preparing to catch her.
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