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College information day. Students are all around, learning about the campus.
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College Information Day. A student is talking to man regarding service in the Marines. They stand in front of a table showing information on the service in the Marines.
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A woman is talking to man regarding the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.
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A woman stands behind her informational booth regarding Universal Protection Services. She holds an umbrella above her head and smiles at the camera.
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Five flamenco dancers in large multicolored dresses dance in the school's Quad. They are swinging the dresses in the air.
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A woman is dancing flamenco and twirling her dress.
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James Kossler, the school's president, is greeting parents of students.
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A man is discussing with students the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department services. The students hold notebooks are seem attentive.
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A group of students are fencing in the Golloway.
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