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A PCC softball player at 2nd base catching the ball just as the opponent is sliding into 2nd base. It looks close, but the opponent will probably be safe.
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The PCC women's basketball team. A PCC player is dribbling the ball down the court, her teammates are following her.
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The men's swim team is swimming down the lanes. Two have boogie boards. The other is back paddling.
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The PCC softball team posing for a team photo.
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The PCC softball team. The PCC pitcher has thrown the ball.
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A PCC softball player has caught ball. Her knee is bent as she reaches for the ball
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A PCC women's basketball player is in mid jump and shooting the ball.
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A water polo player with the ball in her hand. She is looking for an opening. Her opponent is waiting for her to throw the ball.
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The PCC women's soccer team. The PCC player is dribbling the ball avoiding her opponent from stealing the ball. She turning the ball away from the opponent.
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