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Poster Presentation

The poster presentation was part of the wetlands presentation on the 20th of December 2005. It was prepared by the PCC Wetlands Research Team using the data collected from the research done over the Fall semester of 2005. The presentation outlined the basic construction of the wetlands, the research procedure and the results using the poster.

photo of poster

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Laboratory Booklets

The laboratory booklets were essentially created as a means to communicate the wetlands project to middle school and high school students. They were written with respect to the construction and research on the PCC wetlands. It contains detailed instructions on the construction of the wetlands and the expected results. It questions the research the students will carry out using the booklet with analytical and critical thinking questions. These are the downloadable versions of the original booklets. There are two versions of this booklet. One version is for viewing, whereas, the second version will print on the back and front of the page to form the booklet.

For Viewing one sided pages:

High Scool-front only (click to download)

Middle School-front only (click to download)

For Print booklet:

High School Booklet (click to download)

Middle School Booklet (click to download)