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The Pasadena City College Wetlands Research Team is comprised of students who volunteered to further the research that was already being conducted on constructed wetlands. The constructed wetlands research was started by Biology students in Professor DiFiori’s classes. The PCC Wetlands Research Team plans to better observe the wetlands ability to purify grey water with further experimentation using a control trough and additional repetition to ensure the validity of the data. The team looks forward to continuing the research that has been started in the hopes of expanding the world’s knowledge and understanding of wetlands as they affect us today.

Ibrahim Hajjali

photo of Ibrahim Hajjali

Major: Molecular Biology/Genetics

Intended transfer institution: UCSD, UCLA, or abroad

Goals: My passion is research, particularly in the field of stem cells.I believe this field has endless possibilities and benefits. Ultimately I want to start my own research company that will focus on stem cell research. I also would like to start a research center that will serve as a laboratory to provide services to people in the field of biological research or to educate those in pursuit of a career in a similar field.

Role Model: Malcolm X

Steven Cardenas

photo of Steven Cardenas

Major: Molecular Bio-Chemistry or Bio-Informatics

Intended transfer institution: UCI, UCSD or UCLA

Goals: I have always been fascinated with how a string of four letters arranged in different sequences can hold the information necessary for life. I am pursuing a career Bio-Technology with an emphasis in genetics. I am interested in having my own Bio-Technology research company.

Role Model: My Father

Thai Voung

photo of Thai Voung

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Intended transfer institution: Applying for medical school

Goals: I graduated from University of Wisconsin at Madison with a Business Administration major. Being a doctor was my dream, but I did not have the luxury to go for the study. Ten years later now, I still haven't given up the dream and now I am able to come back for that. So, I'll pretty much be spending the rest of my life in this career.

Favorite Super Hero: I really admire Jesus, my Lord. In fact, I've changed my career because of Him. It is His calling for me to become a medical missionary to serve people who need His love.

Jim Liu

photo of Jim Liu

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Intended transfer institution: UCSD, and/or UCI, and/or UCLA.

Goals: My goal is to start my own Bio-Tech company that both contribute to humanity and is profitable, very profitable.

Favorite Super Hero: Invader Zim, Beast (X-Men).

William Liang

photo of William Liang

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Intended transfer institution: UCSD, UCLA, or UCSB

Goals: My goal is to pursue a degree in Bio-Chemistry to do laboratory research and pursue medicine as a career. My focus in medicine will be cancer research.

Favorite Super Hero: Night Crawler (X-Men) Willy MAN

Marisa Robles

photo of Marisa Robles

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Intended transfer institution:

Goals: I intend on obtaining a degree in Bio-Chemistry. I have yet to decide my concentration but it will most likely be in either research or forensics.

Role model:

Alieenthea Lam

photo of Alieenthea Lam

Major: Physiology/Chemistry

Intended transfer institution: UCSD or UCLA

Goals: I plan on becoming a surgeon, I especially like the field of Neurology, and I plan to do some research into cancer and the cures for cancer. Mainly, I would like to become a humanitarian and provide medical attention to people in third world countries.

Role model: Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman physician.

John Krayer

photo of John Krayer

Major: Physics or Pre-med

Intended transfer institution: UCLA

Goals: I would like to be a surgeon working in the western part of central China and offering anything else that I learn along the way to improve the living quality of those below the absolute poverty line. If I pursue physics instead of pre-med then the only difference would be that I would work as an engineer instead of a surgeon.

Favorite Super Hero:

Rushil Shah

photo of Rushil Shah

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Intended transfer institution: UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara.

Goals: My current goal is to go as far as I possibly can with the research on the wetlands. In the process I would also like to experience research in other areas related specifically to do with medicine and Biotechnology. I see myself having completed my D.D.S and become a specialist in Pediodentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. I also hope to publish my poetry in the near future.

Favorite Super Hero: Wolverine from the X-Men.

Alex Del Valle

photo of Alex Del Valle

Major: physics in pursuit of a Ph.D.

Intended transfer institution: Caltech

Goals: I have great promise for the future, striving to develop new ways of creating energy and utilizing sub-subatomic particles. In the midst of this there is hope to unravel some of the mysteries that cause divisions between those of religion and science, particularly how our universe created and mechanisms that regulate it. I know that the one person I look to for guidance in all of this will always be there for me; my role model, El Shaddai.

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