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Asian & Pacific Islander Advisory CommitteeLeaders of Excellence

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Schedule of AAPI Meetings:

Meetings are scheduled quarterly in the President’s Conference Room (C-233) from 9am-11am.


Paving a Successful Pathway from High School to College

Vision:  To create a truly global community college that prepares PCC Asian and Pacific Islander students for a society without boundaries.

Formed in September of 2008, the President's Asian and Pacific Islander Advisory Committee is a bridge between this educational institution and its diverse ethnic and geographical communities.

Mission: To support PCC’s commitment to the life-long learning goals of Asian and Pacific Islander students and community members.


To encourage diverse Asian and Pacific Islander students to achieve academic, and career/technical educational success
To increase completion of education goals of Asian and Pacific Islander groups
To recruit and retain Asian and Pacific Islander faculty and staff to reflect the diversity of PCC’s student population
To improve outreach and enhance the image of PCC in Asian and Pacific Islander communities
To better incorporate Asian American topics and concerns in PCC curriculum and campus programming

Community Members College Members
Senator Carol Liu 劉璿卿, Honorary Chair
Vivian Chan
C. Joseph Chang 張志堅
Yusa Chang
Jenny Chen 陳青
Becky Cheng
Sun Choe 최선미
Giovani Dacumos
Michelle Freridge
Lorraine Greaves
Julianne Sumiko Hines
Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith
Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough
Joseph Loo, Chair
Dona Mitoma
Shelley Ryan
Jeanne Shamim
Susanna Shamim
Nora Sun 孫李艷晶
Bryan Takeda, Vice-Chair
Jacqueline Wu
Dr. Ping Yao
Allen Yee
Han Dao
Dustin Hanvey
Harry Kawahara (Retired)
Daniel Meier
Dr. Tooktook Thongthiraj
Peter Torres, Student
Linda S. Wah 伍麗娥, Board of Trustees
Dr. Cathy Wei 魏瑞琴
Jessica Yee 易佳蕙
Dr. Lisa Sugimoto (Retired)