Follow these steps to submit your vaccination and/or booster records.

If a submission is not accepted, you may receive email communication to your Pasadena account from to request more info. Please monitor your Pasadena email address.

After successfully submitting, students may email their name and ID number to to expedite their vaccine verification process.

PCC's Healthy Returns resource page

Click the above "Healthy Returns Resource Page" link to complete the form to setup an account and/or submit vax information. There must not be any extra spaces before or after any of your entries.

If you have multiple last names, it needs to be formatted the same way that it is in your Lancerpoint account. To find this info, or to look up your Lancer ID number, please follow the instructions within the first FAQ here.

If you have an ID that is 16 digits long, please use the last 8 digits, you can refer to the 2nd FAQ here for more info.

After completing the form, Healthy Returns will send an email containing a link to access your account.

After clicking the link, confirm that your contact information is correct. If anything is incorrect, please contact

Complete the vaccination disclosure consent form on the middle tab.

After completing the disclosure form, click on the “VACCINE RECORD” tab and enter the your COVID19 vaccination information including the required Dose Manufacturer and Dose Date(s).

In the Attachment Details section, select a photo of your vaccination card as evidence of your vaccination claim.  The file can be of various types including png and jpeg.

You will receive one email immediately confirming that we’ve received your submission. You will receive another email once your vaccine has been verified by state agencies. State Verification usually takes 1-2 days, or up to 10 days for out of state vaccinations.


Should you need assistance please contact or visit in person.

In Person
The Covid Support Team is available on-campus if you need assistance with your vaccination or booster record upload.
Room G2

Hours:  8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday