Under the general direction of the Assistant Dean for Instructional Computing Services and Instructional Computing Intermediate Programmer/Analyst provides systems analysis and programming for the instructional computer laboratories; provides technician support and manage the faculty local area network; provides assistance for faculty engaging in computer assisted instructional development, including multimedia; as needed, serves in the capacity of either Computer Center Technician; may supervise work of other technical staff; and performs other related duties as assigned.


  1. Provides system analysis and programming for all instructional computing laboratories; consulting with instructional computing staff and users regarding existing systems and desired results;
  2. Designs, develops, codes, tests, debugs, and documents system level programs for a variety of microcomputer and minicomputer environments, including multimedia;
  3. Manages the operation and programming of the faculty local area network; provides technical expertise and troubleshooting on network and file server issues; insures that networked resources operate efficiently and effectively;
  4. Manages the hardware configuration, database design, software development, and systems support enhancements for instructional computing laboratories;
  5. Assists in the development and publication of instructional computing lab policies and procedures;
  6. Assists in the development and presentation of workshops in the use of instructional computing lab applications.


  1. Two years experience in systems analysis and design;
  2. One concurrent or additional year of local area network programming;
  3. One concurrent or additional year of multimedia programming;
  4. 30 semester units of college coursework.


Knowledge of :

  • Computer hardware, including IBM PC, Macintosh, and their peripherals;
  • Computer operating systems, including MS/PC‑DOS,OS/2, Macintosh, MPEV;
  • Computer programming languages including at least two of the following: C, Assembly, Pascal, Unix, BASIC;
  • Computer networking and networking protocols, especially IPX, ARCnet, and
  • Token‑ring;
  • Computer‑based multimedia hardware and software;
  • Structured programming;
  • Object‑oriented programming;
  • System analysis and design;
  • Debugging and testing techniques; and

Ability to:

  • Perform all aspects of the systems analysis/software development paradigm;
  • Manage the operation of local area networks;
  • Troubleshoot and repair problems in local area network communications;
  • Work closely with faculty involved in using the instructional computing laboratories;
  • Organize, prepare, and conduct inservice training in computer operations, applications, and programming;
  • Develop and write technical documentation;
  • Follow oral and written instructions;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others;
  • Work in a multi‑ethnic environment.


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