The Senior Systems Specialist, serving under the Assistant Director of MIS, functions at the appropriate level of systems specialist services to the various District organizations.  Depending upon the level, the Senior Systems Specialist can act as the team leader for one or more project teams in addition to working independently toward the accomplishment of project assignments.


  1. Ensures the proper functioning of the appropriate system platform (Hewlett Packard 3000 or NOVELL networks) by keeping operating system software up to date, maintaining the integrity of data bases and by the installation of new, or updated, application software.
  2. Serves as the "systems manager" for the appropriate platform, either the Hewlett Packard 3000 or NOVELL network.
  3. Analyzes problems outlined by the Assistant Director, MIS.  Studies existing systems and procedures in terms of legal requirements, organization, flow of data, methods and forms.
  4. Develops block or data flow diagrams in sequence order for Information    Systems:  designs detailed programs, flowcharts, data flow diagrams, and  other pertinent information indicating the sequence of computer programming instructions and mathematical computations necessary to accomplish assigned objectives.
  5. Writes computer programs in COBOL, and other reporting/Fourth     Generation languages as required, using departmental standards including  copy file library and data base management routines.  Verifies accuracy and completeness of programs using comprehensive test data.
  6. Corrects program errors by revising instructions or altering sequence of  operations; evaluates and modifies existing programs to take into account changes in procedures or types of reports desired.
  7. Prepares, according to department standards, documentation required for the routine processing of programs and for timely maintenance, modification, and interpretation.
  8. May assist in the training of other systems specialists, clients and other Management Information Services staff.
  9. Is responsible for systems analysis and programming assigned and is cable of working independently on and completing an assigned complex task.
  10. May assist in the training of junior personnel and may be responsible for specific training of an individual.
  11. Develops and maintains either IMAGE data bases using Hewlett Packard Series 3000 minicomputers or the appropriate data bases for the NOVELL networks.
  12. Develops and maintains either VPLUS screens using Hewlett Packard Series 3000 minicomputers or the appropriate screen generators for the NOVELL networks.
  13. May assist in the evaluation of new software and hardware, and aids in the decision concerning its appropriateness for the installation and the requested functionality.
  14. At the request of the Assistant Director, MIS, shall perform a variety of unscheduled duties normally and traditionally performed by a Senior Systems Specialist.


Education and Experience:

Six years experience in software development and "system management" duties. Six concurrent or additional years experience working in a production data processing environment.  A minimum of three year's experience in the following areas:  programming using COBOL, or in the NOVELL network area, the appropriate development language; software design using flowcharts or data flow diagrams; analysis with expertise in user areas; development and the use of data base management systems.  A minimum of two years in the following area:  Prototyping with direct user feedback.  A minimum of four years in the following areas:  working within data processing teams to develop programs and systems; and user liaison/consulting while in data processing environment.  Educational requirement:  Post Secondary Education point value of 7 (see Post Secondary Education Table).

Knowledge and Abilities:  Ability to work in a multi‑ethnic environment.

Post Secondary Education Table

1  =  30                   3  =  AA            6  =  BA/BS            +1  =  Data Processing Certificate

2  =  60                   4  =  AA+30      7  =  BA/BS+30       +1  =  4 years employment

(Values are in semester unit equivalents)


Seeing to inspect written documents, communicate with District staff, sitting for extended periods of time, bending, kneeling and reaching to retrieve and file records, and dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a keyboard and other office equipment.


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