The Telecommunications Specialist, serving under the Director/Chief Engineer, Electronic Services, supports the day-to-day activities of the District’s telecommunications systems and provides efficient and timely installations repair services and continued voice and data services to the District’s departments.


  1. Assist with determining that the telecommunications systems and hardware repair services are meeting the District’s needs.  Provide technical instruction to District staff in effective utilization of the telephone system.
  2. Assist with planning and coordinating the installation of the District’s voice and data telecommunication equipment and cables.
  3. Supervise the work of non-MIS skilled workers and student technicians for the installation of voice and data cables and equipment.
  4. Assist with the coordination of non-District personnel (contractors) during the installation of telecommunication cabling and equipment.
  5. Perform the diagnoses of communication failures, the maintenance and repair of cables and equipment, and assists with the coordination of any personnel servicing the network needs of the District.
  6. Maintain the District’s telecommunication databases.  This includes keeping the equipment inventory and cable plant inventory up to date, generate reports as required and distribute the appropriate reports to District management.
  7. Analyze telephone call reporting detail to determine appropriateness of charges.
  8. Able to read, interpret and draw schematics and diagrams, analyze situations accurately and recommend effective plans, actions and operational support.
  9. Assist with planning and preparing reports for the telecommunication system annual budget requests.
  10. Make recommendations to the Director/Chief Engineer, Electronic Services for the proper day-to-day operations of the District's Telecommunications System.
  11. At the request of the Director/Chief Engineer, Electronic Services, perform a variety of unscheduled duties normally and traditionally performed by a Telecommunications Specialist.


Education and Experience: Minimum of AA/AS degree in an information technology field with a point value of 5 (see Postsecondary Education Table).

Postsecondary Education Table

                  4 =   AA/AS                                                               6 =  BA/BS

                  5 =   AA/AS + 30 semester units                              +1 =  1 year employment within

                                                                                                         a telephony environment

Applicants must have one (1) year experience working in a telephony environment.  Applicants must also have training in digital electronics and voice/data transmission using a private branch exchange.  Experience with digital voice/data PBXs is a plus

Knowledge and Abilities:  Ability to read and interpret blueprints.  Knowledge and ability to use test instruments appropriate to the telecommunication field.  Ability to diagnose and solve telecommunication connectivity problems.  Knowledge of the methods and procedures required for providing or performing a variety of functions and services in support of telephone operations; ability to work independently in planning and implementing day-to-day voice and data communication support activities where numerous diverse demands are involved; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in presenting recommendations or information to individuals or groups regarding methods, procedures, techniques, programs and equipment involved in voice or data communication support; ability to coordinate and supervise the work of others; and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals, departments and external personnel and organizations in providing effective voice and data communication services. Proficient with microcomputer software and hardware.


Seeing to inspect written documents, communicate with District staff, sitting for extended periods of time, bending, kneeling and reaching to retrieve and file records, and dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a keyboard and other office equipment.


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