Under the general supervision of a supervisor, or his designee, operates low pressure systems fueled by gas or oil; performs custodial and gardening and maintenance activities, and keeps assigned rooms, buildings, and officers clean and sanitary.


A Custodian Engineer’s primary responsibility is to safely operate low-pressure boilers which heat water, distribute the water through radiator pipes to classrooms and return the water back to the boilers for reheating. Generally, the boilers are operated approximately fifty percent of the school year; therefore, an employee in this class spends the rest of the time performing custodial, minor gardening, and maintenance activities. 


  1. Operates five to seven pound boilers, checks flame, water level, pressure gauges, etc., and regularly logs data.
  2. Checks radiators and pipes for leaks; cleans boilers by brushing filters and cleaning filters, fans, strainers, and air jets.
  3. Sweeps, mops, polishes and waxes floors in classrooms, meeting rooms, halls, and offices; locks and unlocks doors, windows and gates; vacuums rugs and carpets; operates a power sweeper.
  4. Cleans bathrooms, mirrors and toilet rooms; cleans chalkboards and erasers; fills dispensers and replaces supplies.
  5. Gathers and disposes of rubbish, paper, leaves and debris; empties and washes wastepaper baskets and containers.
  6. Moves furniture and arranges tables, chairs, and equipment according to a designated plan.
  7. Checks fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and hoses; keeps fire exits accessible; changes light bulbs and light tubes as needed.
  8. Assists in the thorough cleaning and renovation of facilities during school vacations.
  9. Picks up debris, cleans walks and grounds; sweeps and rakes lawns and adjacent areas.
  10. Uses plunger to unclog drains; replaces washers and makes minor repairs to pencil sharpeners, doors and desks.
  11. Locks and unlocks gates; arranges chairs for meetings; unloads materials and distributes books, supplies, etc.
  12. At the request of a supervisor, performs a variety of unscheduled duties normally and traditionally performed by a Custodian Engineer.


Education and Experience: One year of full-time paid custodial experience. Some paid or unpaid experience in gardening.

Knowledge and Abilities: Ability to read and write and follow written instructions; ability to work in a multiethnic environment. 


Must be willing to take course work and/or training necessary to operate low-pressure boiler systems.

NOTE: Eligibility is determined by a review of the following:

  1. Performance tests
  2. Interviews
  3. Reference checks
  4. Medical history

A pre-employment physical examination is required. Cost of physical will be paid by Pasadena City College.

USUAL HOURS: Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Work schedule subject to change to meet District needs.


Lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 75 pounds, dexterity in limbs, hands, and fingers to operate equipment in a safe manner, pushing and pulling, walking and standing for extended periods of time, dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a variety of hand-power tools, reaching overhead, above the shoulders and horizontally, and kneeling or crouching; ability to work on one’s feet and to perform strenuous and active work over a sustained period of time; agility and physical balance sufficient to work while on ladders and to reach to high and low places.


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