ISC Services

Contact the International Student Center if you...

  • Need to renew/apply for a new visa
  • Will be out of the U.S. for more than five months
  • Have an I-20 that has expired or will expire within 30 days
  • Have applied for U.S. legal permanent resident status (green card)
  • Have withdrawn from PCC
  • Registered for less than 12 units
  • Drop below 12 units
  • Change your major
  • Apply for an extension of program before your I-20 expires
  • Complete your program of study earlier than the end date on your I-20
  • Request an I-20 release to transfer to another school before your I-20 expires
  • Want to do concurrent enrollment (attending Pasadena City College and another institution at the same time during the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer sessions)
  • Request to work on or off campus
  • Need tuition assistance
  • Need to have your I-20 signed for travel
  • Need a verification letter
  • Apply for optional practical training