Letter Requests

Current Students

Verification of Enrollment and Good Standing Letter Request

International Students Center offers a "verification of student status" that verifies your F-1 immigration status. You can request this by completing a pdfLetter Request and indicating the reason you need the verification letter.

Reduce Course Load (RCL) Authorization Form - Medical Reason

International Student applying for approval to take a reduced course load (less than 12 units)

  1. Complete the pdfReduce Course Load (RCL) Authorization Form - Medical Reason
  2. You must provide a an original letter on business letterhead from a licensed doctor.
  3. Submit it to the International Student Center (ISC) counter.

Invitation Letter for Relatives to Visit Request

If you plan to invite your relatives to visit you in the United States:

  1. Complete the pdfInvitation Letter Request. See the form for more details.
  2. Submit it to the International Student Center (ISC) counter.
  3. ISC will write a sponsor support letter for your relative to apply for a visa.

Concurrent Enrollment Authorization Letter Request

Concurrent enrollment is defined as attending PCC and another SEVIS-approved institution/program at the same time during the Fall or Spring semester. To request concurrent enrollment:

  1. You must enroll in at least 6 units at PCC.
  2. Complete the pdfConcurrent Enrollment Request Form
  3. Have it signed by the Academic Counselor prior to ISC authorization. (If you enroll for 12 units at PCC, you do not need the Academic Counselor's signature.)
  4. Submit to the ISC counter.
  5. If the ISC approves your request, you will receive an email to pick up the Authorization Letter to present to the school where you would like to enroll.
  6. You must submit to ISC a copy of the registration receipt from the campus you attended under concurrent enrollment within one week after your registration.
  7. Upon completion of the course, you must submit a copy of your final grade to ISC and Records Office within 1 week after grades are posted.

NOTE: All paper work requests have a 10-business day turn-around time. You will receive an email when it is complete. Come to the ISC counter to pick up the letter.