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Transfer Credit: CSU; UC credit limitations. See counselor.

Course Description:

Intensive training in oral and written Chinese. Designed for students who already have some degree of fluency in spoken Chinese, but have had little or no formal training in reading and writing of Chinese characters. Improvement of oral expression. Introduction to Chinese grammar essentials, readings of simple contemporary Chinese stories; oral and written composition. No credit if taken after Chin 1 or 2. Total of 90 hours lecture.

This course is designed for students who already have some degree of fluency in spoken Chinese, but have had little or no formal training in Chinese reading and writing skills. Students will learn to express ideas orally using appropriate Mandarin Chinese with intelligible pronunciation and intonation patterns. Students will also learn to do basic descriptions, narrations, explanations and comparisons using proper grammar and sentence structures verbally and in writing. In addition, students need to demonstrate knowledge of the culture, customs, history and geography of Chinese-speaking areas. Students are expected to fully participate in the discussion sessions by using Mandarin Chinese.

Student Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of this course, the student will:
  1. Listening and Speaking: Apply vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation to communicate the functions of providing/inquiring personal and family background, college life, general geography/history of China, Chinese language, Chinese food and dinning etiquettes.
  2. Reading: Recognize high frequency characters to comprehend written texts such as menus, memos, store postings, and short stories.
  3. Writing: When given writing tasks such as journals, postcards, phone *or* email messages, and short memos, produce characters and supply information from memory about food, shopping, requests, invitations, directions, hobbies, weather, transportation, and travel plans.
  4. Culture: Demonstrate awareness of the most common Chinese cultural traditions such as Chinese name, family, geography, history, language, food and etiquettes.

Revised June 23, 2011