The Priority Deadline is March 2!

The 2016-2017 financial aid application year begins Jan. 1, 2016. To receive consideration for campus-based and/or competitive programs, you must apply by the priority deadline, March 2

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Enrollment Freeze Date Deadlines

Enrollment Freeze Date  Deadline for Fall 2015 is Oct. 26, 2015

Enrollment Freeze Date for Spring 2016 is Jan. 24, 2016.

Based on 16-week term census date. If you register for additional classes after the freeze date and they change your status, e.g., from half-time to full-time, your award amount will not be adjusted. After the freeze date only new financial aid applicants will be paid for their attempted hours.

Financial Aid Timeline and Deadlines

Fall 2015

Jan. 1, 2015
2015/2016 FAFSA available to complete
Mar. 2, 2015
Cal Grant Application GPA Verification Form 
Aug. 1, 2015
First Day to Submit Student Academic Progress Appeals For Fall 
Aug. 3 -
Sept. 15, 2015 

Financial Aid Book Advance 

Aug. 31,2015
 First Scheduled Disbursement of Fall Funds 
Oct. 26, 2015
 Freeze Date (Enrollment Lock) 
Return to Title IV Calculation (R2T4) TBA
Oct. 26, 2015
Second Scheduled Disbursement of Fall Funds
Nov. 20, 2015
Fall ONLY Loan Requests (Direct and PLUS Loans) 
Nov. 20, 2015
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Fall Deadline 

Spring 2016 

Jan. 1, 2016
2016-2017 FAFSA available to complete 
Jan. 11, 2016
First Day to Submit Student Academic Progress Appeals For Spring
Financial Aid Book Advance
Jan. 24, 2016
Freeze Date (Enrollment Lock) 
Apr. 08, 2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Spring Deadline 
Apr. 08, 2016
Fall and Spring Loan Request Deadline
Jun. 30, 2016
Deadline to receive your 2015/2016 FAFSA

Summer 2016

Financial Aid Book Advance
Freeze Date
Aug. 12, 2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress Summer Appeal Deadline
Jul. 15, 2016
Last Day to Submit all Pending 2015/2016 Documents