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Prerequisites: Chin 2, Chin 2A, or placement based on the foreign language assessment process.

Transfer Credit: CSU

Course Description:

Practice in oral self-expression and understanding spoken Chinese. No credit if taken after Chin 3 or Chin 9A-B. Total of 36 hours lecture.

This course is designed for students with previous knowledge of elementary Mandarin Chinese. It emphasizes on developing students’ oral communication skill for basic personal and social needs. There will be many performance-based activities in which students need to complete tasks using Mandarin Chinese. Contemporary culture in Chinese speaking areas are also introduced in the course.

Student Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of this course, the student will:
  1. Speak with correct pronunciation and intonation patterns about assigned topics.
  2. Prepare and give simple instructions and reports.
  3. Ask and answer questions in common everyday situations with effective use of basic vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions.

Revised June 23, 2011