Early Childhood Music Education the paths

Students may choose from several options.

Students who do not intend to pursue certification from either department may take any of the courses they desire without enrolling in a certificate program.

1) Occupational Skills Certificate: Music and Movement Education for Young Children

The program offers extensive hands-on training in music and movement education targeted specifically for early childhood (birth to eight years old). Participants learn a comprehensive body of musical activities and games in four areas — singing, movement, playing instruments and listening. Students practice effective teaching techniques, explore the musical development of young children, and become acquainted with invaluable, state-of-the-art teaching materials. This certificate prepares students to teach music and movement in preschools, child care centers, primary classrooms and private studios. An Occupational Skills Certificate is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

For more information about the classes and options, call the Division of Performing and Communication Arts at (626) 585-7216 and ask to be put in touch with the program coordinator.

2) Child Development Department: Preschool Music Specialty

The Child Development Department offers a Preschool Music Specialist option as an enhancement to its Certificate of Achievement. This program consists of four Music Department classes plus one physical education course (PETH 27C), in addition to a full array of general education and child development courses required for the Certificate of Achievement in Child Development. (44 units)

Elective option: Child Development majors who do not wish to pursue the five-course music specialty may take any of the three music classes listed here to meet the elective requirements for their Certificate of Achievement in Child Development.


For More Information Contact:

School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts
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