The Grants Office is your campus resource for developing grant applications to external funding sources, including both public agencies (federal, state and local government) and private sources (foundations and corporate giving programs).

  1. Getting Started

    If you have an idea for a grant project, the Initial Grant Proposal Form will help you outline what you plan to do and how much it will cost.

    Initial Grant Proposal Form

  2. Pre-Proposal

    Use our Pre-Proposal Checklist to evaluate whether your idea is a good candidate for grant funding.

    Pre-Proposal Checklist

  3. Find Funding

    If you have identified a funding source or sources, compare our Grant Checklist to each potential source.  If you do not have a source in mind, use the links in Funding Sources to search for a suitable grant.  If you cannot identify a funding source, the Grants Office can recommend appropriate choices or help you search.

  4. Approval To Apply

    Contact the Grants Office at least thirty (30) days prior to the application deadline. All external grant applications are reviewed and submitted by the Grants Office, with prior approval by the college’s Executive Committee based upon a proposal’s alignment with PCC’s mission and the Educational Master Plan. The Grants Office also reviews potential applications to private sources with the PCC Foundation before developing a proposal.

    Grants Checklist  

More Resources

Download the Grant Development Handbook