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News: UPDATE on PCC Instructor Agrees To Cancel Public Event and Move Guest Speaker to the Classroom

UPDATE: The guest lecture in Humanities 3 today was uneventful and after the instructor of the class followed proper protocol concerning media in a classroom, several members of the press were on hand. The guest lecture intended only for the 35 students enrolled in the class was observed peacefully. 

Pasadena City College administrators met with instructor Hugo Schwyzer today and came to agreement to move an unauthorized scheduled public event that featured a male actor in the pornography industry. There will be no public event at PCC on Feb. 27.

The actor, who was invited by Schwyzer, was scheduled to give a public lecture. However, neither the instructor nor the sponsors of the event had followed the proper procedure to obtain a facilities use permit that is required of all public events. Such permits are necessary to make sure that liability insurance, facilities support, and campus security can be arranged, according to Robert Miller, assistant superintendent of Business and College Services.

Dr. Robert Bell, assistant superintendent of Academic and Student Affairs, offered the Humanities instructor the opportunity to postpone and hold the event at a later date when the proper procedure for obtaining a clearance was completed. But Schwyzer said the actor was available only on Feb. 27. Schwyzer then did agree to move the guest speaker back to his regularly scheduled classroom on Feb. 27.

“We support the instructor’s academic freedom within the classroom,” Dr. Bell said. “The college’s concern is to schedule all public events according to procedures so we can insure public safety and security.”

As with all classes at PCC, the attendees will be limited to properly enrolled students registered in Schwyzer’s Humanities 3 class. The lecture will be closed to the public and press.

“The college also notes that PCC does not have any course titled ‘Navigating Pornography,’ ” Dr. Bell said.

Information and comments made to the press by Schwyzer were made without the advance knowledge or authorization of the college administration.

“I want to make clear that Schwyzer is expressing his own personal opinions,” said Dr. Mark Rocha, PCC superintendent-president. “In no way does he speak for the college or Board of Trustees.”

Release Date: 02/26/2013
Contact: Juan F. Gutierrez , Director, Public Relations
Phone: (626) 585-7315

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