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Psychological Services


The professional staff includes a licensed psychologist, pre-doctoral psychology interns, and post-doctoral registered psychologists. Strict adherence to the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and the legal requirements of the California State Board of Psychology are maintained. The staff is highly qualified and well-prepared to address an array of issues facing college students.

2013 - 2014 Professional Staff

Name Title
Richard Beyer, Ph.D. - Counseling Psycholgist
Gail G. Ellis, Psy. D. - Staff Psychologist

Erica Phillips, M.A.

- Psychology Intern

Peter Panagakis, M.A.

- Psychology Intern

Billy San Juan, M.A.

- Psychology Intern

David Mitchell M.A.

- Psychology Intern

Administrative Staff

Name Title
Kent T. Yamauchi, Ph.D. - Assistant Dean of Special Services
Carma M. Howard - Secretary
Kevin, Siran, Diink, Tyler - Student Assistants