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PCC offers a variety of tutoring resources for students, including 24/7 online tutoring. The following table lists these resources.

Program Subjects Tutored Contact Person Location Phone Eligibility
24/7 Online Tutoring (Smarthinking) All Subjects John Wood Online 585-7751

7 hours free for PCC students  -

Academic Athletic Zone Computers, English, Math, Sciences, Social Sciences, Spanish Michael McClellan GM112 A 585-7814 For Student Athletes
Career and Technical Education (LAC-CTE tutoring) Subjects in certificate programs Candy Avila D300 585-7056 For Career and Technical Ed. Students
Community Education Center CTE, ESL, GED, HSDP Danny Hamman CEC108 585-3021 Must be enrolled in the course for which tutoring is requested.
Computer Languages and Applications (CLC tutoring schedule) Computer Science (CS) Arkova Scott D103 585-7380 For PCC students
ESL Center Tutoring ESL Charlene Potter D306 585-3388 For students enrolled in ESL classes

Learning Assistance Center

(LAC Transfer Tutoring Schedule)

(CTE Tutoring Schedule)

Accounting, American Sign Language, Business, BIT, CIS, Economics, English, Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Math, Statistics Tamiya Cousins D300 585-7359 Must be enrolled in the course for which tutoring is requested
Math Resource Center Math Yoshiko Yamato R407 585-7458 For PCC Math students
MESA Engineering, Math, Science Melva Alvarez V105 585-3053 For MESA students only
Music Music 1, 2A-C, 3A-C, 4A-D, 40, 41 A-B, 42 A-B, 43, 101 Brad Steed CA002 585-3139 Must be enrolled in the course for which tutoring is requested.
Natural Sciences Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology Marilyn Johnson

E310 SV24

585-7813 Must be enrolled in the course for which tutoring is requested
Program for Academic Support Services (PASS) English, Math Heba Griffiths D112


For PASS students
Social Sciences Learning Center Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics Lauren Arenson C337

SSLC:     585-3055


For students enrolled in Social Sciences classes
Speech Communication Public Speaking, Speech Stephanie Fleming C109 585-3214 For PCC students
TLC: Conexión — Peer Tutoring & Mentoring English, Math Carlos Altamirano V102 585-3046 For First Year Pathways students
Writing Center English 1A, 100, 400 students only Robert Lee C341
585-7089 For English 400, 100, 1A, 900, 901, 902 students

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