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E-mail Threats

Bomb threats sent by e-mail have originated from all over the world. Sometimes, they even come from within the campus. Unless the sender has taken extraordinary measures to conceal his or her e-mail address, e-mailed threats can be traced back to the true sender. Make sure students are aware of the serious nature of making a bomb threat by e-mail and that the PCC Administration will not tolerate any inappropriate use of e-mail.

When a threatening e-mail is received:

  1. Leave the message open on the computer.
  2. Notify PCC Police (626) 585-7484.
  3. PCC Police will document the message by printing it, photographing it, or copying it down. All information, especially the header of the e-mail, should be recorded. This should include:
    • Recipient's name and e-mail address.
    • Sender's name and e-mail address.
    • Date and time sent.
    • Server path the e-mail took.
    • Subject of the e-mail.
    • Body of the e-mail.
    • Any automatic signature appended.
  4. It is crucial to save the original e-mail. If you do not know how to do this, do not attempt to save the message, as you may delete it.
  5. PCC will then contact PCC Information Technology Services.
  6. The ITS Administrator will save any server logs and mail logs that show how the message was handled.
  7. The PCC Police will coordinate the handover of the log data to the proper authorities, which may include Pasadena Police Department.

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