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Phoned Threats

  1. DO NOT pull the fire alarm.
  2. Remain calm. Prepare to get as much information as possible about the caller.
  3. Start the telephone's recording device if you have one.
  4. Signal a nearby staff member that the call is a bomb threat. Then, if possible, that staff member should also listen to the call.
  5. If possible, attempt to write down or record what the caller is saying

    • Transcribe the threat exactly as it is stated. Ask the caller to repeat the message. Write down every word spoken by the caller.
    • Keep the caller on the line as long as you can. Ask questions in order to gather as much information as possible.
    • If the caller refuses to give you the location of the device, say that the building is occupied and that the detonation could result in death or serious injury to many innocent people. Then, repeat the location question. (Remember: The fact that the caller has called at all means that, if the threat is real, they probably do not want to hurt anyone. Reminding them of this might prompt them to tell you where the device is located.)
    • As you are listening, pay attention to background noises and identifying characteristics of the caller's speech, such as accents, speech problems, and emotions.
  6. When the caller hangs up...DO NOT hang up your phone. Keep the line open by leaving the receiver off the carriage or placing it on "HOLD".
  7. Take note of the exact time the caller hangs up.
  8. Call PCC Police and Safety Services Dispatch (626) 585-7484. PCC Police will also advise Pasadena Police and Fire Departments.
  9. Be available after the call, as law enforcement personnel may want to interview you. Give them as much information as possible about the call, the caller, and what you observed and noted.
  10. To avoid unnecessary panic, DO NOT share this information with other students, staff, faculty, friends, family, media, etc.

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