Pass/No Pass Grading

Many courses of the college have an option of being graded on a pass/no pass basis. See the course description to determine those for which pass/no pass is not a grading option.

The following provisions shall apply:

  1. A maximum of 12 units may be taken on this basis with a limit of one class per semester.
  2. Pass/no pass classes must be taken in areas outside a student’s baccalaureate degree major.
  3. The decision to take a class on a pass/no pass basis should be made at the time of registration. However, it is possible to make a request for pass/no pass grading in the Registration Office, through the first 28 percent of a class’ duration.
  4. Pass/no pass grading status may not be selected through registration, unless the course you selected is offered as pass/no pass ONLY. If you want to select the pass/no pass option, you must go to the Registration Office in person to complete a pass/no pass grade form.
  5. A grade of P (pass) represents satisfactory achievement which would have been graded C or better on the regular grading scale.
  6. Sequential courses may be taken on a pass/no pass basis; pass meets grade prerequisites.
  7. Instructors are notified as to which students have elected the pass/no pass option in the courses.
  8. Any restriction listed above does not apply when a class is offered only on a pass/no pass basis.

Grading System

Units — The unit of measurement of Pasadena City College work shall be the semester unit.

Grades — Grades are available online in LancerPoint, approximately two weeks after the close of each semester and intersession.

Grades, Symbols, and Grade Points

Pasadena City College uses the letter system of grading the quality of work done by students. The interpretation of each grade, with its value in grade points per semester unit, is described below.

Grade Value

A - Excellent (4)
HONOR GRADE indicating EXCELLENCE earned as a result of consistently superior examination scores; consistently accurate and prompt completion of assignments; ability to deal resourcefully with abstract ideas; superior mastery of pertinent skills; promise of success in a field relating to the subject.

B - Good (3)
HONOR GRADE indicating COMPETENCE earned as a result of high examination scores; accurate and prompt completion of assignments; ability to deal well with abstract ideas; commendable mastery of pertinent skills; promise of continued success in sequential courses.

C -Satisfactory (2)
STANDARD COLLEGE GRADE indicating SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE earned as a result of satisfactory examination scores; generally accurate and prompt completion of assignments; ability to deal with abstract ideas; fair mastery of pertinent skills; sufficient evidence of ability to warrant entering sequential courses. A C is the minimum course grade necessary to meet a prerequisite.

D - Passing But Less Than Satisfactory (1)
STANDARD GRADE indicating the MEETING OF MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ONLY earned as a result of low examination scores, generally inaccurate, incomplete, or late assignments; inadequate grasp of abstract ideas; barely acceptable mastery of pertinent skills; insufficient evidence of ability to make advisable the enrollment in sequential courses. A grade of D would indicate the student is not likely to be successful in a higher level course and would not meet prerequisite requirements.

I - Incomplete (0)
This symbol identifies UNFINISHED WORK, OTHERWISE PASSING, indicating that an important assignment such as a term paper, final examination, or experiment is missing (for illness or other sufficient reason), but can be submitted to complete the course. An I grade may not be assigned as a withdrawal grade, and is not considered in the grade-point average. An I must be made up within one year or a default grade will be assigned.

F - Failing (0)
NON-PASSING GRADE indicating FAILURE TO MEET MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS earned as a result of non passing examination scores; inaccurate, incomplete, or late assignments; failure to cope with abstract ideas; inadequate mastery of pertinent skills; repeated absence from class.

W - Withdrawn (0)
This symbol is recorded for a course when a student voluntarily withdraws, a student is dropped from class by a teacher, or a petition is approved for withdrawal; not considered in grade-point average.

MW - Military Withdrawal (0)
A symbol used to record a student withdrawal due to unexpected military obligations.

P - Pass (0)
PASSING GRADE, level C or better, not included in grade point computations.

NP - No Pass (0)
CREDIT NOT ALLOWED; performance less than average quality; not included in grade-point computations.

IP - In Progress (0)
Indicates work in progress, but not considered in grade-point average. The symbol is intended for courses which may extend beyond the end of the normal semester.

RD - Report Delayed (0)
Used when there is a delay in reporting grades beyond the control of the student. It is a temporary notation not considered in the grade-point average.