A class drop will remove your name from enrollment in a specific class, but leave you enrolled in PCC in one or more classes.

You may be dropped from a class in the following ways:

  • You, the student, may initiate the drop online or in person at Admissions & Records.  You may receive a refund or credit of fees only if you drop by the deadline specified for the class in the online Schedule of Classes (click on the CRN to see deadlines). Learn More
  • Your instructor is required to drop students who do not show up at the first class meeting (“no-show”) or who quit attending prior to the census date for the class. The drop deadline always occurs before census, so be sure to drop yourself to receive a refund or credit of class fees! Learn More.
  • You may be administratively dropped for various reasons that are explained at the bottom of this page under “Instructor or Administrative Drop”. Learn More

Student Drop

Drop classes through your LancerPoint account.  If you encounter problems and are unable to resolve them using the online HELP feature, please contact Admissions and Records at (626) 585-7395. 

When You Can Drop a Class

The following drop periods are based on a 16-week semester, but please understand that drop deadlines will vary based on the length of the class and the number of times it meets.  Drop deadlines for short-term and late-start classes will differ from those for full 16-week long classes. Please refer to the online Schedule of Classes to look up the drop deadlines for a class.

  • Week 1 - 2: You may drop a full 16-week long class by the end of the 2nd week without any entry on your transcript, and you will receive a refund or reversal of class fees and tuition.  Note that some fees are nonrefundable and may not be reversed; refer to the PCC Refund Policy for more information.

  • Week 3 to Week 11: You will receive a “W” entry on your transcript for 16-week classes dropped between the 3rd and 11th weeks.

  • Week 12 - 16*: You cannot drop a course after the 11th week of a semester. If you have quit attending a class but did not drop early enough, you may receive an F in the course. 
    *Consult the Petitions web page for information regarding a special circumstances petition if circumstances such as illness or accident occurred after the 11th week that prevented you from completing the semester.  You may be eligible to request a late withdrawal.  You must be able to provide verifiable documentation of the circumstances (examples include doctor notes, proof of hospitalization, etc.)

Instructor or Administrative Drop

You can be automatically dropped from a course for the following reasons:

  • If you fail to attend the first class meeting, you are considered “no shows” and may be dropped.
  • If you arrive late to the first class, you may be dropped
  • Excessive, continuous or cumulative absence may also result in being dropped.
  • Instructors are required to drop students who have not appeared in class or who are judged to be inactive by the census date (Monday of the 3rd week of the semester for semester length classes).

To avoid being dropped, you must make arrangements with your instructors prior to any planned absences from class.

A student whose classroom, clinical, or laboratory actions are dangerous to the health or welfare of the student or other persons may be dropped from the class.

A student may be dropped from class for unsatisfactory conduct or citizenship related to the class. This includes, but is not limited to conduct in a classroom or other setting such as a laboratory, clinic, or work station. Unsatisfactory conduct or citizenship includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, other forms of academic dishonesty, flagrant violation of instructor direction, and actions disruptive to the on-going teaching and learning process.

If you are subject to class drops for unsafe performance or unsatisfactory conduct or citizenship, you will be counseled by the instructor and the school dean and given a chance to improve, except when the violation is so flagrant that immediate suspension from class is in order.

If you are counseled for improvement but there is insufficient improvement in the judgment of the instructor and the dean, or if immediate suspension appears to be in order, a signed class drop form and a written report on the incident will be submitted to the Director of Admissions and Records.

The Director of Admissions and Records will obtain and review information available and take action deemed appropriate. The Director of Admissions and Records will inform the student of due process rights if the class drop or other discipline is imposed.

Refunds for Dropped Classes

Please refer to our refund policy to see if you qualify for a refund of the fees you paid.