Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

General Noncredit Division Questions

We offer classes year-round. We follow the same academic calendar as PCC credit classes.

There are no enrollment/tuition fees for Noncredit classes. You only pay for course-related materials, textbooks, and on-campus parking. 

Yes, we have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Please follow, like, and subscribe for information and announcements. 

We may have staff available that speak Spanish, Mandarin, and other languages. If you need assistance, please contact our Noncredit Division at (626) 585-3000.

If you're a student with a disability, you can schedule an appointment with the Disabled Students Programs & Services Counselor for additional support by calling (626) 585-3006  or email: . 

Yes, you can register in more than one class (credit and noncredit) within the same semester as long as the scheduled days and times do not overlap. 

Once you apply and are admitted to PCC, you will receive an email containing your unique, PCC student ID# (also known as your LancerID). You will need this ID# to be able to access your LancerPoint account, school records, PCC transcripts, student services, registration for classes, and other important information. 

Please make sure to remember this number because you will be using it frequently while you’re a PCC student. 

Yes, we do recommend you obtain a physical, student ID card (also known as your PCC Lancer Card).  You will need to show your student ID card to use some on-campus services. 

There are also other benefits to obtaining a student ID card such as discounts outside of PCC.  

For instructions on how to obtain your Lancer Card, go to Noncredit ID services for more information.

Noncredit Admissions

To take Noncredit classes you must first complete an Application to the Noncredit Division if:

  • You have never been a student at PCC 
  • You were a previous PCC student but skipped one or more major semesters (Fall or Spring semesters)
  • You submitted an application for a future semester, but now wish to attend PCC for the current semester
  • You applied for a previous term but did not register for or attend classes 

For detailed instructions on the enrollment process, go to Steps to Enroll & Register.

Our classes are open to any student over the age of 18 years old, living in California. Certain visa requirements and exceptions may apply. Contact our Noncredit Admissions & Records office for more information at or (626) 585-3036.

Yes, you can attend PCC Noncredit even if you are not a US Citizen or permanent resident. However, you must reside in California. If you have any questions about eligibility contact the Noncredit Admissions and Records department at or (626) 585-3036.

No. There is a different application for the Noncredit Division.

However, if you are a current PCC credit student, you do not need to complete a separate Noncredit application. 

If you are a PCC Noncredit student that wants to take credit courses, you will need to complete a separate PCC credit application. 

How to Take Noncredit Classes

Registering for Classes

All students will see a message prior to registering for classes asking for a $2.00 representation fee payment. As a Noncredit student, you do not need to pay this fee in order to register for classes. Our Noncredit classes are tuition-free (no cost) and do not require payment to register. 

You can opt-out (decline) paying this fee, by clicking on the “I understand that I decline the benefits of ASB Student Representation Fee” option. 

There may be various reasons why you are unable to add/register for classes. Reasons may include: 

  • It is not your assigned registration status date 
  • There are prerequisites and restrictions for the class (i.e. you may need meet with a counselor, or take a placement/assessment test prior to registering). If you receive this error message, contact the  Noncredit Counseling department at (626) 585-3006  or .  
  • You have an active, unexpired, or prior hold on your record (whether you’re a credit or noncredit student).  If you are unable to register for classes due to holds, contact the  Noncredit Admissions & Records department at (626) 585-3036 or
  • The day and time of the class you are trying to add overlaps with another class in your schedule.
  • The semester/term has already started and you will need instructor approval to add the class. 

If you have a hold on your record you may not be able to add/drop classes. In your LancerPoint account, click on “View Holds” to view your hold type, important information, and payment instructions. 

If you need further assistance, contact Noncredit Admissions & Records at (626) 585-3036 or

You may be able to register for a class after the start of the semester if you receive instructor approval. If you receive approval, the only way you can add the class after the first day of the semester is by getting an Add Code from the instructor.  

  • Email the instructor of the course and wait for a reply with a potential Add Code. Instructors’ emails can be found in the Noncredit Staff & Faculty Directory.
  • Your Add Code will not work until the day/time of the first class session.
  • Once the course begins, you can add the class using the CRN, then enter the Add Code you received when prompted.
  • If your Add Code does not work, there may be an issue with the code (your instructor may have given you one for the wrong course or a duplicate code) OR your registration status/student record. If you receive an error, please contact the instructor of the course for the correct code or Noncredit Admissions & Records regarding your registration.

If you are trying to register for the course, you will be asked if you’d like to get on the waitlist. Once you are on the waitlist, if a space becomes available in the class, you will receive an email with an Add Code. 

You have 48 hours to use your Add Code before it expires. Codes will be emailed to your account. Please check this email often.

All Add Codes expire on the first day of classes.


Placement tests are required in order to enroll in the following Noncredit courses: 

  • Some English as a Second Language (ESL) courses
  • Adult High School
  • GED 

Learn More About Assessment & Placement

To schedule your appointment, go to Assessment & Placement or contact the Noncredit Counseling Department at  or call (626) 585-3006  

GED and High School students should select the High School Assessment Test option. ESL students should select the ESL Assessment Test option.

Yes, you can retake the test. You may have to wait a minimum of 8 weeks to retake the test. However, if you have counselor's referral, a test may be retaken earlier.

If you do not register for classes or complete coursework within one year, you will be required to take the Assessment/Placement test again in order to enroll in classes.

Noncredit Programs & Courses

Some Noncredit classes will require students to complete placement tests, and/or meet with a counselor. For more information, go to How to take Noncredit classes.

Yes! We accept coursework from previous high schools, foreign countries, armed forces programs, colleges, and other accredited career technical institutions. For more information, contact our Counseling department at  or (626) 585-3006 . 

If you are enrolling in the Adult High School Diploma Program, please send an official transcript from all previous schools and programs to the Noncredit Admissions office (after you have applied to the Noncredit Division) at or (626) 585-3036.

Yes. Our program is approved by the California Community College Chancellor's Office and provides a comprehensive education, with courses in Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, English, Mathematics, and a selection of electives. Diplomas are issued by the Pasadena Area Community College District to students who complete and pass the required courses. 

Yes, our ESL classes are taught in English. 

You can continue to PCC credit ESL classes. Visit the Credit ESL page for more information.

Languages Department (Credit ESL): 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. C247 Pasadena, CA 91106.  (626) 585-3187

Yes, you can repeat, but we encourage you to meet with a Noncredit Counselor to discuss your educational goals and plans. Contact Noncredit Counseling at  or (626) 585-3006 .  

Certificates, Diplomas, & Academic Records

After you have successfully completed and passed the required courses for your program(s), you will need to complete and submit a Petition Form. 

Request your Certificate/Diploma

Contact our Noncredit Admissions & Records department for questions about your PCC transcripts. You can also view transcript information through your LancerPoint account


If you need help learning how to use Canvas, watch the Student Canvas Overview or “how to” Video Guides.

For Technical Support, contact the 24/7 Canvas Student Hotline: (844) 303-4497 

If you are logged in to Canvas, you can also click the "Help" button for a 24/7 Chat with a Canvas representative.

You will only see a course in Canvas 7 days before the class starts. If it is within 7 days of the class start day, one of the following reasons may be why you can’t see the course in Canvas:

  • You may not actually be enrolled in the course (may just be on the waitlist). Waitlisted students cannot access a class until they actually add the class.
  • Sometimes a teacher publishes their Canvas page late. You will see it as soon as it is published. 
  • It may be that the instructor has not published the course in Canvas yet. You will not be able to access the actual course in Canvas if the instructor has not published the course.  Contact the Course Instructor via email.  Email addresses can be found in the Noncredit Staff & Faculty Directory.

Student Services

Noncredit students have access to academic counseling, psychological services, career/job services, tutoring, shuttle, ID services, and the Student Success Center which has a computer lab, printer/copy machine, and study rooms.

Noncredit students have access to some services such as the library, shuttle, student clubs, PCC food pantry, fitness rooms, student success centers, computer labs, tutoring, academic counseling, and career services at the Freeman Center for Career & Completion. Learn more about the services available at the Colorado Campus.