What to Do 

Register for your classes on your assigned date and time using your LancerPoint Account.

If you have not activated your LancerPoint account, you need to do so in order to register for classes. Learn How 

Go to LancerPoint to Register

How To Do It 

Before you can register for classes, check your Registration Status in LancerPoint.  You can start adding classes on (or after) your assigned registration date and time.

How to Register for Noncredit classes

  1. Log in to Lancerpoint 
  2. Click on My Classes & Academics.
  3. Under Registration Steps, click on Schedule of Classes to search for courses. 
  4. Find the classes you want to register for.  Write down the 5-digit CRN number (Course Reference Number assigned to each class section). 
  5. In the Schedule of Classes, click the back button until you return to My Classes & Academics in LancerPoint. 
  6. Under Registration Steps, click Add/Drop Classes.  Select a Term, and click Submit
  7. At the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page, under Add Classes Worksheet, enter CRNs for all the courses you want to register for.  Click Submit Changes.
  8. If your registration was accepted, under Current Schedule, you will see all of the courses you are enrolled in. You can also view your courses in the My Classes & Academics page under Registration Steps #3 and click on View/Print My Class Schedule.
    • If your registration was NOT accepted and you receive an error message, please contact the Admissions & Records Office at the Foothill Campus (Room #100) at (626) 585-3036 or noncreditadmission@pasadena.edu.

After You Register

Once you are registered in a class, you are eligible to receive a LancerCard ID.  Your student ID gives you access to various PCC student services.  Get your card at the LancerCard ID Station at the Foothill Campus. For more information, visit ID Services.

After registering for classes, make sure to check your PCC student email (@go.pasadena.edu Gmail account accessed via LancerPoint). You will periodically receive emails from your instructor(s) and the college.  For help, go to Setting up your PCC student email.

Get Help 

Contact the Noncredit Division to get your questions answered.

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