The Workplace Readiness Program enables you to develop the contextualized basic skills (in English and/or Math) and the career skills required in a target industry, career and technical education training program, pre-apprenticeship, or apprenticeship program.

This program provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to enter the workforce, improve your English, and develop employability skills. Topics include: career research and planning, self-assessment, effective job searches, writing resumes and cover letters, job applications, developing reference lists, interviewing techniques, appropriate workplace behaviors/culture/etiquette, hard & soft skills, diversity in the workplace, effective communication skills, and fundamental academic skills. The curriculum also prepares you for pathways to other noncredit or credit certificate programs.

Recommended for advanced English Language Learners (students in ESLN Levels 4 & 5 or higher, including ABE, GED, AHSD, or CTE).

Complete the following courses to earn a certificate!

Required Courses (two required courses):

  • WRKP 2103 - Workplace Readiness: Career & Job Skills

And choose one of the following:

  • WRKP 2101 - Workplace Readiness: Contextualized English Skills


  • WRKP 2102 - Workplace Readiness: Contextualized Math Skills 

A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon successful completion of all required courses. 

Request Your Certificate

If you have completed and passed all of the required courses, submit the petition form “Petition for Certificate of Completion."

Petition for Certificate of Completion

Steps to Get Started

Use the guide below to start taking classes in the Workplace Readiness Program. For more detailed instructions, go to How to Take Noncredit Classes

  1. Check course availability in Schedule of Classes

    To find Workplace Readiness courses in the class schedule, look for the subject “Workforce Preparation”.

    Go to Class Schedule

  2. Choose which type of student you are:

    Follow these steps if you are new to PCC OR returning after an absence of 1 or more major semester(s):

    1. Apply to Noncredit
      • Create an OpenCCC account if you don’t have one already.

    2. Receive Welcome Letter via email

    3. Activate your LancerPoint account

    4. Check your Registration Status Date in LancerPoint

    5. Register for classes in LancerPoint using CRN# 

    Follow these steps if you are a current or continuing PCC student (noncredit or credit):

    1. Check your Registration Status Date in LancerPoint

    2. Register for classes in LancerPoint using CRN#