The Math Success Center is happy to announce our new PCC Math Summer Bootcamps!

This is a three week program designed for students who would like to prepare for College Algebra, Precalculus/Trigonometry, and/or first semester Calculus and is open to all PCC students.

How it works.

Over the course of three weeks, a MSC faculty member will provide free lectures and practice covering various key-concepts found in Algebra and Trigonometry. You will be working with other students with similar interest and goals while reviewing mathematics and building self-confidence before taking your next math class at PCC. 

Below, you will be able to sign-up for MSB and choose which sessions you would like to attend. You are under no obligation to attend all sessions, but we ask that you do your best to attend the sessions you signed up for.

Sign Up Now
Note: A confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit the form. You will also be contacted by MSC faculty about getting started.

Email or for more info.

Summer 2023 Dates

July 31 - August 3
August 7 - August 10
August 14 - August 17

Bootcamp Schedule

Week/Topics Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 - Beginning Topics in Algebra
(July 31 - August 3)
9am - 11am: Fractions & Decimals
11am - 12pm: Integers
1pm - 2pm: Real Numbers & Number Sets
9am - 10am: Order of Operations & Evaluation Expressions
10am - 12: Linear Eqs, Lines, Absolute Values
1pm - 2pm:  Inequalities & Absolute Values
9am - 11am: Factoring Basics
11am - 12pm: Intro to Radicals & Complex Numbers
1pm - 2pm: Quadratic Equations
9am - 11am: Factoring Basics
11am - 12pm: Intro to Radicals & Complex Numbers
1pm - 2pm: Quadratic Equations
Week 2 - Algebra Topics for Calculus
(August 7 - August 10)
9am - 11am: Intro to Functions
11am - 12pm: Piecewise and Absolute Value Functions
1pm - 2pm: Domains of Common Functions
9am - 11am: Factoring 2 (w/ Rational and Negative Powers)
11am - 12: Complex Fractions
1pm - 2pm:  Difference Quotients & Average Rate of Change
9am - 11am: Graphing Common Functions
11am - 12pm: Exponential Functions
1pm - 2pm: Logarithmic Functions
9am - 11am: Exponential And Logarithmic Equations
11am - 12:30pm: Conics
Week 3 – Trigonometry
(August 14 - August 17)
9am - 11am: The Unit Circle
12pm - 2pm: Basic Trig Functions and Identities
9am - 11am: Graphs of Trig Functions
12pm - 2pm:  Inverses of Trig Functions
9am - 11am: Trigonometry Identities Part 1
12pm - 2pm: Trigonometry Identities Part 2
9am - 11am: Solving Trigonometry Equations
12pm - 2pm: Triangles