At Pasadena City College, every student is given a Success Coach. Your Success Coach will help you navigate your way through college. 

Any time you have questions, concerns, or you’re not sure about something, you can reach out to your coach. They will either help you with a direct solution or connect you to services on campus that can best assist you. Your Success Coach is here to guide you and support you so that you can be as successful as possible!

Meet Our Success Coaches

What is the difference between a
Success Coach and an Academic Counselor?

Success Coaches
Success Coaches Serve as the first point of contact for student support

Connect with a caseload of students through individual and group meetings

Refer students to appropriate on and off-campus resources

Support students in preparing for counseling meetings and professor office hours

Outreach to students through multiple forms of communication (email, phone, text, Canvas message, etc.)
Academic Counselors
Academic Counselors Support students in choosing classes and making educational goals

Connect with students through individual Express or 45-minute appointments, depending on student needs

Refer students to appropriate on and off-campus resources

Develop individualized educational plans​

Keep informed of all PCC degree and transfer requirements for UC’s, CSU’s, private/ out-of-state schools

How to Connect with Your Success Coach


Your coach will send out an email with appointment and contact information. 
Remember to always check your PCC email!

In PCC Connect you can view your Coach’s name and email as well as schedule an appointment with them 


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