Unfortunately, all our JAM session are over for 2021. As an FYE student you will still have access to all the services that FYE offers, except for Priority Registration.


    JAM is an orientation to college and a requirement for students who want priority registration. Incoming FYE students with priority registration register on average 2-3 weeks before those without priority registration. Take advantage of this great opportunity to register for the classes you want and get the classes you need!


    Summer 2023 JAM sessions:

    • July 17 - 19 
    • July 24 - 26
    • July 31 - August 2
    • August 16 - 18
    • August 21 - 23

    Registration is now open!

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    JAM Frequently Asked Questions

    JAM is an orientation to college and a requirement for students who want to receive the best possible priority registration from the Pathways FYE program. During JAM you’ll learn about PCC, start thinking about your career and major, and set some goals. You’ll also make friends and connect to resources earlier than others!

    No, you must attend the entire JAM session you select. Please choose a session that works with your schedule.

    If you do not attend Jam, you will not receive the benefit of priority registration from Pathways FYE.

    No. These are two separate orientations. Online orientation provides a broad overview of campus resources and provides your Math/English/ESL placement. JAM is an extended orientation with more targeted support and community building.

    Early registration is not the same thing as priority registration. Incoming first year students with early registration typically register 2-3 weeks later than students who receive priority registration through Pathways FYE.

    What's Next

    Your Next Steps

    Now it's time to make sure you're ready to register — to do so, attend a Pre-Registration Workshop.

    Step 9: Prepare for Registration  
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