Program Description

Pasadena City College Yoga Instructor Training Program (200-hour certification training) meets the requirements for the professional membership and trade association for Yoga Alliance, which registers students as yoga teachers (RYT). This is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program which provides students with the skills required to safely and effectively teach yoga to a variety of levels and abilities. The program features a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on philosophy, anatomy, theory, personal practice, sequencing, theming and the history of yoga. Once completed, the student is prepared for employment in health clubs, spas, yoga/dance studios, and self-employment as a private yoga instructor.

This program is also beneficial for those who are active or interested in the health and wellness industry, as they will learn how to apply yoga techniques that enhance overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The satisfied 200-hour PCC Yoga Instructor Training Program consists of six classes. Students are strongly encouraged to take Beginning Yoga KINA 040A before enrolling in the certificate program or have at least six months of consistent yoga practice.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

1. Identify core principles of Hatha Yoga.
2. Examine skills for instructing yoga, including verbal cues, sequences, variations, adjustments, and modifications.
3. Illustrate stress management techniques with yoga poses.
4. Describe the philosophy of yoga through history, and the development of asanas.
5. Design and execute a 60 minute Yoga class.

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

Required Units: 12

  • KINT 180 - Introduction to Teaching Yoga (3)
  • KINT 181 - Philosophy of Yoga (3)
  • KINT 182 - Anatomical Principles of Kinesiology and Fitness (3)
  • KINA 040A - Beginning Yoga (1)
  • KINA 040B - Intermediate Yoga (1)
  • KINT 020 - Independent Study (1)
    or KINA 040C - Advanced Yoga (1)

This Certificate of Achievement does not count as a major for an Associate Degree.