Prepare to work in the welding and metal working trades. Earn an Associate in Science degree with a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Welding or Gas Tingsten & Gas Metal Welding, while gaining the knowledge and skills need to work as a welder, welder's helper, cutting torch operator or apprentice fitter. 

Additionally, our Occupational Skills Certificates will help you stand out when applying for employment in fields such as building construction, automotive technology, truck repair, plumbing, air conditioning, sheet metal, plant maintenance, and other manufacturing trades.

Programs and Degrees

Certificates of Achievement

Our Certificates of Achievement give you the knowledge and training you need to enter a specialized career or enhance your skills for advancement in your job. Designated certificates (18+ units), combined with the completion of General Education coursework may also be applied to an Associate Degree to further increase your employability.

Associate in Science Degree

The AS degrees in Career Technical Education prepare you with the unique skills needed to enter a specialized career field. You may also choose to continue your studies and earn a Bachelor's degree in a related field.

Earn an AS degree with a Certificate of Achievement in one of the above specialties. In addition to the Certificate Requirements, you will need to complete the general education requirements for an AS degree.

Occupational Skills Certificates

Earning an Occupational Skills Certificate develops your job skills in a special area of occupational education in a short period of time. Successful completion may certify that you are prepared with job entry skills and/or skills to upgrade or advance in an existing career.


Welding courses can be taken individually or as part of a planned program leading to one of our degrees or certificates. Use the links below to see full course descriptions and our current offerings.