Complete Your Calculus Sequence & Be Ready for Future STEM Courses

Taking Calculus? Want to learn mathematics in a supportive and caring community? Then consider the Calculus Achievement for Success Program, designed just for STEM students!

The CAS program gives you extra class time and support to review algebra skills by building a sense of community among your peers, instructors, tutors and a personalized counselor. CAS helps you complete your Calculus sequence and guides you into future STEM courses and careers.

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Benefits on Benefits on Benefits!!

Blocked Registration

If you enroll and remain active in this program, then you are guaranteed a spot in a CAS instructors class each semester from Math 5A, Math 5B, and Math 5C.

Dedicated Counselor

The CAS counselor will be available to meet with you.

Personalized Study Space

We have spaces dedicated to our CAS students for supplemental class time and general study space.


Tutors for all calculus courses are present in the classrooms and in the CAS study spaces.

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Career Workshops

Learn about STEM careers that interest you.


Ipad rentals will be available and we will incorporate technology in lessons and real-life applications related to your future STEM career goals.

What Does CAS Offer STEM Students?

More About the CAS Program

Why is Calculus important?  

Calculus is the gateway to the start of your STEM Career! Calculus, and mathematics in general, provide the foundation for your critical and analytical thinking skills.  Employers often like to hire applicants with math degrees or math training because they know those individuals are well-trained in problem-solving!

Why is Being Successful in Calculus so Important?

In the world we live in, technology is everywhere–just look at your smartphone for example!  Understanding calculus is teaching you how to approach problems you don’t know how to solve and come up with effective solutions.  This is a skill that is important in any career!


Calculus Achievement for Access is an instructor created program to help benefit minority students in STEM. We are looking for students who are taking at least Math 5A and 5B for their STEM majors or all three (Math 5A, 5B, 5C) courses for their STEM major.  

Research has shown that creating a sense of belonging in STEM classes is an important component to help students find a connection and motivation to complete their courses. 

The goal of the program is to build a sense of community among students, instructors, tutors, and a personalized counselor to help students complete their Calculus sequence with support and guidance into students’ future STEM careers. Math can be hard and we do not want it to stop anyone from following their STEM dreams.

As instructors we realized what an impact the pandemic has made on our math students who often come in with some algebra and trigonometry gaps in knowledge. This is something students could not control and we want the additional support time to allow students to fill in those gaps as those topics come up in calculus. This just in time practice eliminates the pressure of feeling “behind” in mathematics. Every student has a unique background and our program is aimed to provide unique support for each student.

We want students to see the collaborative fun side of Calculus through this program and to teach students what is needed to be successful in their future STEM goals.

Blocked Registration: 

If you enroll and remain active in this program, then you are guaranteed a spot in a CAS instructors class each semester from Math 5A, Math 5B, and Math 5C. Sometimes classes are hard to find or you don’t know who to take. This block registration allows you to remain with the friends you make in this program learning from instructors who are all on the same page in class.


We are in the process of getting Ipad rentals for all students in the CAS program. They will be checked out to each student at the beginning of the semester and returned at the end. But the Ipad rentals will be available while registered for all three calculus courses in this program.

We will also incorporate technology in lessons and real-life applications related to our students' future STEM career goals. As a student you may feel that this work has nothing to do with your major. Our goal as creatives is to help you see where it will be used.

Career Workshops:

We will work with the Freeman Center and our Work-Based Learning Leads to provide career talks throughout the semester. You want to be an engineer but aren’t sure which kind of engineer? Let’s look at your options, what certificates you should get, what internships you should apply for as well. We will also have industry members come in and talk about their experiences as well.

Being a student is time consuming. It makes sense to embed career talk during our support time (or class time) to ensure that you know your options. Knowing what needs to be done to reach your career can help students continue to focus on the end goal and to work through tough courses with this motivation. 

Personalized Study Space:

We will have a room dedicated to our CAS students. This room will be used for our supplemental class time as well as a general study space just for our students. We will host workshops in this room and also provide space for CAS students to just chill while on campus. 

We want to create this space for CAS students  to get to know each other and form study groups.


For Math 5A and 5B we will provide in class tutors to work with you. In all three calculus courses we will have tutors present in the study space for CAS students. That means our students will have constant support available during the week made of a team of instructors, tutors, counselors and more!

These tutors are here as mentors as well. The tutors are also STEM majors going through a similar process as our CAS students. They are here to support and encourage you as peers on similar journeys through STEM.


One of our fantastic counselors will have dedicated time to meet with our CAS students. The counselor will be present in class and in the study space to meet with students. Our CAS counselor can help with both academic and social guidance. 

Having personalized support with frequent check-ins can help students stay on top of things. This personalization is another way the CAS program wants students to know that your success and future are always on our mind. 

In order for a sense of community to work, the community needs to be dedicated to one another. To be a part of CAS you need to fill out the application and receive an add-code for your specific cohort.

Students who sign up for CAS are also committing to attend 2.5 hours of supplemental instruction per week. This is so important to receive the additional study support, to meet with your counselor, to complete helpful reviews all to help you be successful. 

We can not measure the success of this program if students are not using the benefits of this program. A counselor or classified staff will reach out to students who have missed their supplemental time and will be required to make it up. Unfortunately if a student can not commit to this part of the program, then there is a possibility that the student will not remain in the program. 

There will be a separate check in process for the supplemental instruction and students who attend the entire time will be considered present. 

Students will not necessarily work on the same topics during this time as the structure is adjusted to each students’ needs. 

Supplemental instruction may consist of both large group and individual/small group activities.  During supplemental instruction, you could be doing the following in a large group, small group or individual setting; what is key to remember is that every class has different needs, and the supplemental instruction will be tailored to what each class and student needs to the best of our ability:

  • Review key prerequisite material to make the Calculus make more sense
  • Review study strategies to make your studying work for you
  • Review concepts learned that day or that week in your Calculus class that you may have
  • struggled completing.  This could include some additional practice problems or homework review
  • Have a presentation from a guest speaker on various STEM subjects of interest
  • Have a counselor presentation on key components in the transfer process
  • Have a presentation on transfer programs in STEM
  • And much more!

CAS Class Schedules

Course Schedule

Math 5A Cohorts

MW 1:15pm - 5:15pm
MW 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
TR 8:15am - 12:15pm
TR 1:15pm - 5:15pm

Math 5B Cohort

MW 8:15am - 12:15pm
TR 1:15pm - 5:15pm

Math 5C Cohort

T 9:45am - 12:15pm and R 8:15am - 12:15pm

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