In Associated Students, we’re always working around the clock because we believe in the power of student advocacy, education, community, communication, transparency, accessibility, social justice — the list goes on. As much as we do day in and day out, we could do so much more together!

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  • CC-105B
  • (626) 585-7980

How to Get Involved

Our Executive Board of 12 people only accomplishes our goals by relying on our committees and sub-committees of dedicated students who share our values, many of which are also there to develop their leadership skills. If you’re someone who believes in the power of the students, take a look on how we can work together to strengthen the student voice.

Join a Committee!

To make sure that everything we do is given the full attention it deserves and that other students have the opportunity to be involved in our operation, the Associated Students have a variety of standing committees which carry out certain delegated functions.

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Clubs and Organizations

One of the easiest ways to get involved at PCC is to join one of over 75 clubs and organizations that we have on campus! With interests ranging from politics to poetry, community service to comedy, or culture to transfer support, there’s a club for everyone!

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Shared Governance

Shared governance is a process of decision making, which ensures that all groups with interest in an issue can have their voice heard in a meaningful way. ASPCC represents the students in shared governance. Students can also be appointed to sit on a shared governance committee.

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Student Representation Fee

Under the law Assembly Bill (AB) 1504, the Student Representation fee of $2.00 is added to your enrollment to support legislative advocacy activities to ensure the student's voice is heard at local, state, and federal levels.

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