An Occasional Vendor/Oversell Vendor is the term we use to describe a vendor that does not sell with us consistently every month. You are considered an oversell or occasional vendor if you sell with us just once or every other month.

Pricing for Spaces

2 car = $115 / size 17 X16
3 car = $125 / size 17 X 24 (average market space)
4 car = $150 / size 17 X 32
5 car = $165 / size 17 x 40

How to Sign Up

Please follow the steps below to become an occasional vendor at the PCC Flea Market!

1. Make a Reservation

Call our office at (626) 585-7906 to make a reservation. Please speak to a staff member, we do not take e-mail or voicemail messages as reservation requests. We begin taking reservations for shows two months in advance. For example, to sign up for June, call right after the April market. The list opens at 10:00 AM on the Tuesday after the market. (Note: The Flea Market office is closed on Monday following market day.)

  • Indoor Vendor Reminder: Requesting an indoor space in lot 4? Clearance is 8’ & maximum vehicle load 6,000 LBS. No refunds or transfers are given if your vehicle doesn’t meet the clearance requirements.

2. Provide Required Documents

To become a vendor, we will need the following documents:

  1. Occasional vendor application
    • Complete all sections on both forms
    • Clear description of the items you sell
    • Both forms must be named, signed, and dated
  2. A color copy of your valid photo ID
    *You can email this to

New Vendors: We do not process new applicants the week of the Flea Market event. Please give yourself time to submit the completed paperwork to the office before your next desire market.

3. Once you are on the waiting list, we will call you two to four weeks in advance.

If we cannot reach you, we will leave a message and you will have 24 hours to respond. If we do not hear back from you, the space will be offered to the next person in line.

Market Day Lottery:

Vendors are welcome to participate in our lottery on Market morning. Any space that remains open will be made available to vendors via a lottery held at the Lot 3 main information booth, located off of Hill Ave. by parking structure Lot 4. See the Flea Market Map for reference. Lottery starts at 7:00AM and we encourage vendors to be there by 6:30AM to enter their name on the lottery bag. 

Lottery Procedure:

  1. Beginning at 6:30 am, vendors can draw a ticket for the lottery. (ONE entry per party)

  2. Entries for lottery close at 7:00 am. Gates close to late vendors at 7:00 am and Flea Market staff will verify all empty spaces.

  3. Once all empty spaces are verified, tickets will be pulled to randomly choose lottery vendors that will be offered a space. Selling will continue until all oversell spaces have been sold. CASH ONLY.

Please note: Any violation of our lottery policies will result in removal of the vendor and loss of the space. Only ONE entry per party selling together is allowed. Vendors will be offered a space from what is available, with the only option being indoor or outdoor.

Vendors FAQs

Oversell is the term we use to describe a vendor that does not sell with us consistently 12 months of the year. You are considered an oversell vendor if you want to sell with us just once, or every other month.

We strive to keep diversity in our market with our vendors. In addition to that, demand to sell at the market is very high. We can allow more people to sell when we rotate vendors to sell every other month.

The reservation list opens the day after the market for reservations 2 months in advance. For example, immediately following the April market, the list will open for June beginning at 10:00 am on Tuesday after the market.

Note: The Flea Market office is closed Monday following market day.

Antiques, collectibles, or handmade items. We do not allow new or mass produced items. Firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind are also prohibited. For a complete list, please see the vendor policies and
Our permanent vendor list averages a 7 year wait. If you are interested in becoming a permanent vendor, please ask a staff member for an application. In the meantime, continue selling regularly as an Oversell Vendor.