Speech Communication Courses

Each semester, we offer important core courses required for transfer including Public Speaking, Argumentation and Debate and Interpersonal Communication. Use the links below to view all course descriptions and the current schedule of classes.


Fulfill General Education (GE) Requirements

If you are earning a degree or preparing to transfer, you can take a speech course to fulfill one of your GE requirements. The following courses are generally accepted as GEs for transferring to a UC or CSU school:

CSU GE Requirements
Speech 001, 006, 010, 012, 013

See CSU GE Breadth (Fall 2021 and later)
See CSU GE Breadth (Prior to Fall 2021)

IGETC (UC Schools)
Speech 001, 010, 013

See IGETC GE Pattern

Requirements vary by school and program. Visit the transfer center for resources to help you determine which Speech courses will satisfy the GEs for your degree and transfer plan.

Review Transfer & GE Requirements