California State University (CSU) Project Rebound

In 1967, Professor John Irwin created Project Rebound as a way to matriculate students into San Francisco State University (SFSU) directly from the criminal justice system. The focus of Project Rebound was soon known as “Education as an Alternative to Incarceration” and “Turning Former Prisoners to Scholars.”

Since the program’s inception, hundreds of formerly incarcerated people have obtained four-year degrees and beyond. In 2016, Project Rebound moved beyond the confines of SFSU onto nine other CSU campuses.

  • CSU, Bakersfield
  • CSU, Fresno
  • CSU, Fullerton
  • CSU, Los Angeles
  • CSU, Sacramento
  • CSU, San Diego (San Diego State University)
  • CSU, San Bernardino
  • CSU, San Francisco
  • CSU, San Marcos

California State University (CSU) Other Support Programs

  • CSU, East Bay
    Level V
  • CSU, Long Beach
    Revolutionary Scholars
  • CSU, San Marcos
    Transitions Collective

University of California Support Services

  • UC, Berkeley
    Berkeley Underground Scholars
  • UC, Davis
    Beyond the Stats
  • UC Riverside
    Underground Scholars Initiative
  • UC Santa Barbara
    Underground Scholars Initiative
  • UCLA
    Underground Scholars Initiative