Name and Purpose

C1.1 The name of this organization shall be the Pasadena City College Retirees Association. It shall be a non-profit organization.

C1.2 The purpose of the Association shall be:

C1.2.1 To contribute to Pasadena City College in its mission by such means as shall be determined by the Association.

C1.2.2 To contribute to the fellowship and intellectual interests of its members.



C2.1 There shall be two classes of members: active and honorary.

C2.1.1 Active members shall be those persons who have retired from the Pasadena Area Community College District (who wish to participate).

C2.1.2 Honorary member shall be those invited by the Association who are willing to join. The spouse of a deceased active or honorary member may continue as an honorary member if the spouse so desires.


The Board of Directors

C3.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of two categories of members:

C3.1.1 Charter Members of the Board.

C3.1.2 Elected Members of the Board.


Terms of Office. Nomination and Election

C4.1 The term of office for Charter Members shall be for life.

C4.2 Prospective elected members of the Board must first have their names submitted to the Board by the Nominating Committee for membership consideration. If sustained, the prospective member then shall be contacted by the Nominating Committee to determine their interest. Should prospective members consent to join, their names shall then be submitted to the Board for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

If approved for membership, new Board Members shall not commence their terms until after their retirement date has occurred.

C4.3 The term of office for elected Directors shall be three years, with terms staggered such that one-third begin their terms each year. Directors shall be limited to two consecutive terms unless holding an office or involved in a project requiring continued membership on the Board, in which case the two-term limit will be waived temporarily. Such a person will be asked to serve an additional year or to start another three-year term, whichever is agreeable to the Board and to the person involved.

C4.4 Officers shall serve one-year terms, but the President and the first Vice-President shall not serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

C4.5 The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of four Board Members, one of whom shall be the Historian/Membership Chair. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for office or for membership on the Board. Persons nominated or office or membership shall have given their permission to be nominated.

C4.6 Additional nominations shall be made at the next meeting of the Board. The election shall be held at this meeting. Vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the members of the Board in attendance. Persons filling such a vacancy shall be expected to finish out the term of the person replaced.

C4.7 A term shall be one calendar year, commencing January 1.

C4.8 If a member of the Board of Directors misses two consecutive meetings without having notified an officer, the position shall be declared vacant.



C5.1 There shall be at least two meetings/activities of the membership each calendar year.

C5.2 The Board of Directors shall meet as often as needed to carry out the purposes of the Association. A quorum shall consist of the number present at any scheduled meeting.



C6.1 Amendments of the Constitution may be recommended by a member of the Association.

C6.2 Amendments shall be presented at a scheduled meeting of the Association but not voted on until the following scheduled meeting. To become effective, such recommendations must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors in attendance.

Charter Members of the Board of Directors:

Dorothy Byles, Alice Corey, Maeda Hall, Leonard Knapp, Mary McGuire, Thomas Mallory, Marion Murphy (Founder), Stan Riordan, Rolly Sink, Vern Spangler, Mildred Wardlow (Founder).