Waitlists for closed classes expire on the first day of the semester. After that, the only way you can add a class is by obtaining an add code from the instructor of the course.

Follow the steps below to request an an add code for a closed course:

  1. Use the Schedule of Classes to find the course you want to try and add
  2. Once you find the course, copy down the CRN number and Instructor nameOnce you find the course, copy down the CRN number and Instructor name
  3. Use the Employee Directory on the PCC website to look up the email address for the instructor of the course
  4. Email the instructor and request an add code for the course. Be sure to include your name, student ID, and the CRN number for the course.
  5. The instructor will determine if there is space in the course. If there is, they will email you an add code to use to register for the course.
  • Note: The above process is only for closed courses. If the course you want to add is still open, you can register for it in LancerPoint up until the the Add/Drop deadline.
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