The following are the common names, followed by the official names for campus buildings at PCC. It is acceptable and recommended to use the common name in informal writing. Please note this is an ongoing document and entries may be added or revised on a continuing basis.

  • The Circadian
  • Creveling Lounge
  • R Building (Official: Catherine J. Robbins Building)
  • Community Business Center
  • Court of Champions
  • Sexson Auditorium
  • V Building (Official: Howard E. Marvin Technical Building)
  • U Building (Official: Sarafian Hall)
  • Library, LL Building (Shatford Library)
  • The Forum, UU Building (Lillian Vosloh Forum)
  • Harbeson (HH Building)
  • Center for the Arts (CA Building)
  • Westerbeck (Westerbeck Recital Hall)
  • Art Gallery (Boone Family Art Gallery)
  • Center for the Arts Theatre
  • The Piazza
  • Conference Center (G Building)
  • Bookstore (Pasadena City College Bookstore)
  • Z Building
  • Science Village
    Gallery V108
  • The Quad
  • Lancer’s Pass (Lancer's Pass Cafeteria)

Sport Venues

  • Robinson Stadium
  • Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium
  • Aquatic Center
  • Jackie Robinson Memorial Field*
  • Robinson Park Softball Field*
  • Tennis Courts

Campus Areas

  • Alumni Commons
  • Boone Sculpture Garden

* off-site location