Visual style is integral to telling the story of Pasadena City College.  Visual style has the ability to add emotion, give a sense of place, simplify complex data and concepts, create impact, relate and connect, and reinforce your message and maintain consistency and brand cohesiveness.

Visual style includes everything from typography to color to icons to video to photo slideshows to infographics. Throughout this section we will address guidelines for use of visual style, including Visual Media.

Visual Media

Visual media includes photography, video, and graphics.  Each serves a slightly different purpose and usage. Visual media usage must be purposeful—do not just use an image to use an image, make sure the image helps reinforce the message and is consistent with the material you are producing.


Visual media helps to break up content, create focus, and interest. Here are some general rules of thumb when using visual media on a website:

  • Use images to break up content.
  • Use an image or visual media every 3-4 paragraphs if possible.
  • Turn data sets and complex concepts into visuals.
  • Make sure the photo, image, graphic or video relates to the copy around it.